This page contains two biological concepts implicit in our genetic information:

  • Humanity has the vital imperative of trying to survive.
  • Broad group altruism is the most efficient and effective means of doing so.

From these concepts a universal ethical principle can be deduced:

  • It is good/better whatever is good/better for our survival.

The application of these ideas would facilitate the improvement of our coexistence and well-being. And it would increase the survival capacity of our humanity.



José Corral was born in 1941 in Zaragoza, Spain. He worked all his professional life in banking, until his retirement as an executive in 2001 and as a counselor in 2006. He is married and has three children and two grandchildren. Lives in Madrid.


His business and economics studies included fundamentals of natural sciences, philosophy and sociology, but he is not an expert in these matters. However, since the year 2000 he has devoted himself to the study of his hypotheses in the field of evolutionary biology, anthropology, philosophy… For this reason he believes that the language used is sufficiently rigorous for specialists and that, at the same time, can be understood by people with a multidisciplinary background.


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