Watching people go by

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

I'm here, sitting, watching the people go by:

children, young, old,

strolling unhurriedly this afternoon,

holiday afternoon, in August, in Marbella.

There is no global ethic !, say some.

And yet, it is becoming clearer

that there is a first, indubitable impulse,

in all those who live, to conserve their species.

And that is the primary imperative mandate,

the one who marks the "ethics" and guides the "moral" of each species.

And the moral of Man. Although it is not explicit.

Who follows the mandates of that impulse,

translated without cheating into their own language,

(to the moral language of each species),

He is happy at the same time. Well do what is good.

The species, the nation, the group, the man,

that does not follow it (whether conscious or not),

It is unhappy, it is condemned and it is extinguished.

The species Man still does not realize,

of this total norm, of this first mandate.

And that's why he handles inconstant "ethical" and "moral."

Variables in time and partially valid,

that have in their origin the truth not expressed:

You will not kill, you will love your neighbor, have children, eat, drink.

Make life in common, share efforts, obey the boss.

They are pieces of the only universal ethic, seen in bits and pieces.

It's time to express and take on everything,

the first mandate to conserve the species,

and to adapt the moral of the whole world to what it supposes.

Review the "morals" that are in progress

in every society, in every town,

in every religion, in every creed.

It is easy. Without knowing it,

the Man cries to do the Good.

For feeling like a twin, for being a single people.

Feel Humanity, rather than white.

Feeling a man, before being a black man.

Feel that "I am me and my circumstance,"

And that the circumstance to whom I must save,

He is the complete Man.

I'm here, sitting, watching people go by,

bits of the All of the living and the dead.

Privileged beings, living organisms.

And within the living, of the brotherhood of Man,

Brothers of this rare, wonderful species!


Puerto Banús, 15.8.2001

(revised and released on 9.12.2007)