Survive by loving. The future

The people to whom I tell my old ideas often accept them and believe them to be good and useful. But then almost all see the difficulty of its implementation and the long time it would take to be known, accepted and operational. And impotence arises before such a company. Even I feel like, many times, applying the laissez faire, laissez passer, le monde va de lui même. Therefore I will try to sketch an idea of the future.

Current situation

Our species knows many things about matter and spirit. And that knowledge and its many capacities have allowed him to get here. But we still do not know about us, where we come from and where we go. And until my ideas about the goal of survival, and broad altruism as a means, are known, one does not know either what should we do neither how: that is, men do not know, explicitly, what is your objective or vital purpose. Nor what is the main virtue or means to be used for it. I broaden these ideas because sometimes they do not understand each other well.

Now we do not know, for sure and with universally accepted knowledge, about us. We do not know if we are evolved animals, if we are a different species, a mixture of animal and pure spirit or if, in addition, we are made in the image and likeness of a creator and maintainer God who has provided us with an immortal soul.

We also do not know where we come from neither when we did it. We do not know if we are a slow continuity of another hominid, if we arise by allopatric speciation more or less quickly, or if someone, or Someone, extraterrestrial, created us taking advantage of the body of some homo predecessor or Nothing.

We also do not know where we go, what is our ultimate goal if we have some Final or Material or spiritual End as a species or Humanity? In any case to reach that end it is necessary to live before, that is, it is necessary that the species survive universorum,  (men) like singulorum (the species as such).

We do not know all of the above. And possibly take some time to find out. But if my ideas are true as I believe, we already know explicitly, what we have the priority duty or vital imperative of trying to survive as humans. And we must do it by living in groups that get along well with each other as members of the same human family. At least until proven otherwise. And until the species is extinguished or becomes another or others. This is the mandate or vital imperative that we have implied and with which we have survived until now.

When I say we know I mean myself. And to my friends and close acquaintances to whom I have told my ideas in word or in writing and have believed them. And to the few "wise" people, some two hundred, who will have received my books in Spanish or English. Although I think most will not have read the book. Or that if they have read it they have not done or plan to do anything else, at least for the moment: so they do not know it for practical purposes, or they do not want to know it.

That is to say that humanity, men in general, still do not know what they have to do how do what. At least they do not know it in a rational and explicit way. Although they do it, intuitively, because of the implicit norms that we all carry inside. And they do it in a group, as dictated by the altruistic mandate, in groups that are now very large and powerful. On which acts the other law of the strongest or fittest domain. And although there are already global movements, the groups operate taking into account as a priority their partial objectives that may not coincide with the universal ethical principle for the level of the species.

This partialism and the high degree of freedom and technical capabilities make it necessary and urgent that men know and assume the vital imperative and act accordingly. They can do it for good or they will do it the hard way, but the sooner they do it better. I hope that some men, few or many, can survive at least another hundred years.

The future

For my part, as long as I believe in my ideas and can, I intend to continue trying to disseminate them to the three groups mentioned in my book: wise men, leaders, and people in general. I estimate that I can continue working on it for at least three or four more years. Until the 80. And if nothing happens against I hope that before ten others know enough people to be accepted with a certain breadth.

If the ideas are accepted by some wise or leaders, they will spread them in their fields and reach more interested people, who in turn will influence others leaders of institutions, politicians, religious, etc. so that they also accept them, disseminate them and start acting accordingly. This phase of diffusion and awareness to groups of some amplitude can take about ten or twenty years: between 2030 and 2040.

No later than 2050 some of my 19 possible or other applications should be initiated: increase the idea of Humanity, a certain World Authority, the revision of norms, laws, uses and customs in the light of the universal ethical principle, some policies on the population, a World Manifesto on the universal ethical principle ... And other possible global and local actions that improve coexistence and well-being. And the conservation and improvement of the human habitat and its circumstances.

The above can occur by groups or collectives: scientists, philosophical trends, political parties, civic movements, foundations, NGOs, religions, states and nations, global or regional organizations ... Although for the model to work it seems convenient that ideas be promoted by a world body. The clearest, seen from today, seems that it could be the UN. That should take on additional functions to carry out this work. And also the great religions.

This phase of a "sufficient" universal implantation could last another forty or fifty years. That is to say that at the end of the 21st century, Humanity should work, in its general lines, based on the implicit universal ethical principle, now explicit: It is good / better what is good / better for the survival of our species. Assuming that individual and group coexistence, through broad altruism, is the most efficient and effective means to try, at every moment, the survival of humanity and the greater well-being of its people and groups.

If humanity manages to reach the year 2,100, from there it will be able to watch the next century in which the priority objective, at least instrumental, will continue to be to survive. And if our species Man, or another that prolongs it, can live another 2,000 years more, which is a minute in global time, surely they will know better than now of no way this thing of human living. And maybe they will know something more about who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

I say all of the above to reassure the restless and the hurried. And to urge those who are inactive or slow to read me. According to Edgar Morin, our humanity is in the Iron Age, that is, we are a very young species that has a lot of time to do what it has to do, which is probably the same thing we are already doing: trying to be wiser and more holy. But for this the Man has to live, he has to survive in one way or another. And it seems clear that now and later, you should try to do it through altruism / love: that will increase the more you practice.

And it is possible that the ultimate goal of our species is precisely the maximization of that medium. As the Germans say: Übung macht den Meister: the practice does to the teacher. Living and loving are made by living and loving. And possibly the task of our life is the itinerancy of Morin, the bringing to the Earth the love of the Christian Kingdom of God, the saving of our circumstance of Ortega. The to survive loving.

Our work

With all the above, it seems that we will fulfill our individual duty if, good and with joy, we do what we can do to fulfill the universal ethical principle that was and is implicit in us. And now we have express. That is to try to live doing our best as possible our varied trades: workers, citizens, family, friends, neighbors ... And, at the same time, help these ideas are confirmed and disseminated as soon as possible. With altruism / love as the main means. And being happy with it.

JC Marbella, 8,31 from 11.9.2017. Reviewed in Madrid on 19.9.2017. And the 2.3.2019