Throughout 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I delivered by hand, or by mail in a personalized way, a hundred copies of Survival and Altruism to many other experts. Mainly to believing philosophers. And to some experts in natural sciences. A few answered me, verbally or in writing, admitting the hypotheses but without going into them. Or telling me that, given their specialization, they did not have the capacity to give a well-founded opinion on issues that require extensive multidisciplinary training.

In May of 2017 I edited the English version of Survival and Altruism. And in July I sent a hundred copies, by post and with personalized notes, to other experts from different countries. I selected them for being authors of books or works related to the basic hypotheses.

A few recipients, both in Spanish and English, raised doubts or objections to specific aspects of the hypotheses. And in February and March of 2017 I wrote four notes with the answers I had given individually to the objectors. These are the notes that were on the previous Web page on the Blog and that are now included under this heading of Objections.

The objections and doubts received address mainly the concept of species as a subject, of survival and of extended altruism. In the answers I have omitted repeated questions, both before and after February and March of 2017. But still there are repetitions with what has already been said elsewhere. However, I believe that the reading of these notes may interest those who have similar doubts.

As I have said elsewhere, the hypotheses are obvious and generally accepted in the background, but there are difficulties in adapting or expanding the concepts of species and altruism to the new uses that I have given them in these ideas. Uses that allowed me to "see" and enunciate the basic hypotheses, also new to their scope, significance and transcendence. And whose validity I believe can be maintained after these objections.

The objections and their answers are grouped into four notes, ordered by the dates they were written. With the following titles and contents:

  •  The species and the Man: Doubts about the species as a mental construct and about what it means of "trying" to survive.
  • Three doubts. On the behavior of the species, the risks of a materialistic ethic and on the obligation to be altruistic.
  • The species as a subject.  Also on the species and the survival, on the purpose of surviving and on the species as a system.
  • Other doubts and clarifications. About reproduction as a priority objective, the good thing to survive and the transition from instinct to duty in altruism.