In the summer of 2018 I thought about writing a large fourth book that would collect, reworked and updated, the basic ideas and their developments, contained in the three previous books and on the Web page. In principle, the new book would have four parts. The first would contain the background, or theoretical context, with the most important thing that would have been said in the environment of the three hypotheses. Updating the "Comments to other people's texts" in Supervivir Ideas for a universal ethics (pages 111 to 298).

At the beginning of 2019, when I wrote this presentation, I had a draft of about sixty folios that would represent almost the entirety of the first part of the possible fourth book. Draft that I have decided to include here as a scoop. It is what follows to this presentation and that I will extend with what I continue writting from now on.

I believe that reading these comments can serve to frame and reinforce the basic ideas. And to appreciate how close some wise men have been to find them. In the presentation of the philosophers I say the reasons why I think they have not seen them. Causes that may be the same that make it difficult or impossible to see them today: specialization, beliefs and entrenched prejudices, lack of time and interest in other issues...

And possibly, in this case, greater attention to the forms and the already known, than to the background of some obvious ideas coming from an amateur. Ideas whose usefulness seems remote both to those who read them, if they read them, and to all the human race to whom, utopically, they seem to be directed.

I have to confess that sometimes I doubt my hypothesis. And above all, I think if it is worth the double effort: mine of writting and that of the possible readers to whom I try to induce to read what I have written. But my doubts are removed when I review the works of those who have preceded us in this task of seeking an ethical, common and universal foundation that helps men, the most possible and for the longest, be better and happier. I thank you, in the name of the Man, to those who continue reading.