I think the basic idea belongs to the field of Biology*. According to the DRAE: 1. Science that studies the structure of living beings and their vital processes. Specifically, it seems that it would belong to ethology and evolutionary biology. My knowledge of basic biology was even lower than that of philosophy. And on ethology and evolution I knew what multidisciplinary amateurs often try to keep up with their surroundings.

In any case, starting in 2000, after writing the eight pages of my first note, I devoted myself to reading (see bibliography) about evolution in general and especially about the man and his behavior. Looking for what would have been written about the survival of living beings and their species, including the Sapiens. Nor in these various fields of the biological sciences did I find my ideas explicit.

As I have said elsewhere, at this time I did not dare to spread my ideas and therefore I did not take note of my readings, which were numerous and varied. Only in 2002 I wrote, manuscript, a first comment on The selfish gene of Dawkins. In these years, and increasingly, the evolution, the genome, the brain... were trendy themes and were published, and still continue to be published, countless books, articles, reviews on the internet... I had to place a new library in my old office to house books, generalists and specialized, on these matters. And I spent hours surfing the internet looking for references.

In 2013 I discovered broad altruism and decided to publish something as a base text to try to contrast my hypotheses. And I started writing comments to the philosophical and biological readings, which seemed more significant to me. I summarize below, updated, some of those comments, adding others of my last readings. Some original notes can be consulted at Survive: Ideas for a universal ethic. I'll start with Darwin and then I'll continue according to the order of my original notes.