Comments to external texts

In Supervivir. Ideas for a Universal Ethics, I dedicated the second part (pages 111 to 297) to comment on texts from those who had most approached my ideas. They are sorted by the dates I wrote the comments. I started with the Selfish Gene of Dawkins in 2002 and ended up with The Laudato sí of Pope Francisco in 2015.

As I have said elsewhere, since 2000 when I wrote my first note on the basic idea (page 304 of Supervivir), I dedicated myself to search if someone had said it before me. And also if it fitted into the current doctrines and theories. Or if on the contrary it was not compatible with them. I did not find anyone who wrote them as I see them, or who has reached my conclusions and applications. But all those who commented were very close to seeing them. And I think that many of them took them inside, they counted on them although they did not explain them or use them. I think that because they were obvious or because they lacked data that science has discovered later. 

In any case, since 2015 I have continued reading and looking for the same thing: someone who has seen and made explicit my ideas. And if they fit into the discoveries that scientists and philosophers are publishing. My little knowledge of English was a problem to be aware of what is written only in this language. But the Spanish experts I read are usually up to date. And on the other hand with the bibliography and the articles in English that can be read and translated on the internet, I think that, unfortunately, I have not yet seen anyone present my ideas. Nor, fortunately, have I seen anything that refutes them. And every time there is more interest in looking for them. And what I read confirms its veracity and usefulness.

However, in this section I include the comments to the texts that, since 2015, have attracted my attention in reference to our hypotheses. I believe that, except Mayr, all the authors are alive when I write this presentation and I have sent them all some or several of my writings. I will also send them the link of this page in case my ideas and comments are useful in their work.

JC Madrid, 25.2.2019